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Portable Seating

Portable Special Needs Seating for Any Setting

One of the unique challenges of being the parent of a child with special needs is finding solutions for inclusion in all that life has to offer. Portable seating systems can go a long way towards that goal. They allow you to take your special needs equipment on the go, no matter where you're headed, so that you know your family member with special needs has a safe, comfortable, and familiar seating solution in any setting. Whether you need a booster seat or a portable floor chair that you can take to school and therapy, Adaptivemall.com has the solutions needed to thrive in any environment. These options are also great for traveling!

For feeding and playtime, we highly recommend choosing a booster seat or a style of portable seating that attaches to an existing chair. The Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Liners are always a great choice for such applications, as they attach to dining room chairs, restaurant chairs, classroom chairs and more, but don't sacrifice on the comfort and support your child needs. In addition to being lightweight and portable, these cushions are also soft and offer contoured support. Kids love them!

More Portable Seating Solutions

For new, innovative solutions to portable seating make sure to check out the Special Tomato Out & About Seat™ (OAS) and the Recliner Support System. Click here to understand the difference between these products that are great for all ages. Remember, Adaptivemall.com is staffed by a team of experienced therapists, so we can always assist you with finding the right portable seat in the right size!

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  1. Special Tomato Out & About Seat™ (OAS)
    Special Tomato Out & About Seat™ (OAS)
    Regular Price CA$1,113.77 CA$1,113.77
    Sale Price CA$598.33
  2. Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Sitter
    Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Sitter
    Regular Price CA$960.09 CA$960.09
    Sale Price CA$455.53
  3. Special Tomato Soft-Touch Liners
    Special Tomato Soft-Touch Liners
    Regular Price CA$455.53 CA$455.53
    Sale Price CA$141.37
  4. Special Tomato Recliner Support System
    Special Tomato Recliner Support System
    Regular Price CA$1,811.45 CA$1,811.45
    Sale Price CA$897.53
  5. Special Tomato MPS Seat
    Special Tomato MPS Seat
    Regular Price CA$4,468.69 CA$4,468.69
    Sale Price CA$2,465.41

5 Items

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