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Tilt-in-Space Seating

What does it mean when a seating system offers a tilt-in-space feature? The tilt-in-space function tips the whole seat backwards or forwards keeping the angle at the hip the same. A recline function, on the other hand, moves only the seat back and changes the angle of flexion (bending) at the hip. As the backrest reclines, the hip angle opens making it greater than 90⁰.

Tilting the seat back when your child fatigues from sitting upright or needs pressure relief on weight bearing surfaces is helpful. Tilting the seat back when first putting a child into a seating system allows gravity to assist with getting their hips back into a proper pelvic position before securing the hip strap. The tilt-in-space feature is especially important to consider if your child has abnormal muscle tone. If your child tends to arch into extension, a very important part of managing this is by maintaining the 90⁰ angle at their hips, knees, and ankles to “break up” or weaken this pattern. The tilt-in-space feature tips the whole seat back within the frame. Postural supports such as chest and hip laterals remain in place, moving with the seat and there are no shearing forces.

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