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Floor Seating

Special Needs Floor Seating for Safe, Supported Floor Play with Peers

Allow your child to safely engage in floor playtime with the help of these floor seating essentials. Excellent for circle time, story time and group activities, floor sitters allow your child to sit and play with their peers while they receive the postural support they need. hand-selects special needs floor chairs for a wide range of activities, from group floor play to individual floor time activities. We have seating solutions that can be used in both home and therapy settings. We have styles for kids with mild to moderate positioning needs as well as deluxe floor sitters that provide full-body support.

Making floor sitting accessible to children who cannot sit independently is essential because this is where young children spend a lot of their time playing and learning! Whether you’re looking to add a floor sitter to your living room or the classroom, has you covered. You will also find thoughtfully designed sitters with optional trays, for eating, crafting and sensory play.

Floor Seating Solutions from Special Tomato

Special Tomato, one of our premier brands on, offers floor sitters with a high degree of versatility and unparalleled quality and value. The Special Tomato® Soft-Touch® Floor Sitter with Wedge offers tilt-in-space seating. The Sitter itself can be detached and used in several different Special Tomato bases and it can be attached to an ordinary household chair. Reach out to us for advice on sizing questions and anything else you may need help with!

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  1. Special Tomato® Soft-Touch® Floor Sitter with Wedge
    Special Tomato® Soft-Touch® Floor Sitter with Wedge
    Regular Price CA$1,223.03 CA$1,223.03
    Sale Price CA$633.08
  2. Special Tomato MPS Seat
    Special Tomato MPS Seat
    Regular Price CA$5,170.43 CA$5,170.43
    Sale Price CA$2,919.98
  3. Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Sitter
    Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Sitter
    Regular Price CA$953.03 CA$953.03
    Sale Price CA$452.18
  4. Special Tomato Mobile Activity Tray
    Special Tomato Mobile Activity Tray
    Regular Price CA$1,761.68 CA$1,761.68
    Sale Price CA$935.48

4 Items

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