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Shop by Need

Shop by Need: Adaptive Equipment Solutions

Welcome to Adaptivemall.com, where our team of therapists and experts are on hand to help you find top-quality adaptive equipment based on the needs of your child or family member. This page is designed to help you find the appropriate tools, therapy equipment and everyday essentials for adults and children with special needs. This includes expertly designed equipment by leading manufactures to aid in sitting, standing, transportation, walking, lying down, sensory integration, balance, crawling, bathing and more. Let’s face it — many of us don’t know the names of specific special needs equipment, so shopping by need can be a lot easier.

When exploring our selection, ask yourself, what specifically does my child or family member need assistance with?

Do they need help to sit up? Do they need help with standing? How about transportation? Once you have answered that question you will find that some categories of need are further broken down. For example, if you need help with sitting your choices will be further narrowed down by considering your need for a chair that reclines, or a chair that can easily be moved from table to floor height (Hi-Low), or a chair on wheels that can be moved from place to place at home or in the classroom. Or, you might want a piece of equipment that meets multiple needs for example a sit-to-stand stander that provides therapeutic postural support for both sitting and standing and assistance for the transition from one position to the other. Especially when purchasing equipment for home, versatility in use is key to limit the amount of space-consuming equipment that needs to be stored. When you click on each category of need, you will be able to explore more specific aspects of that need. But it all starts with the simple question of what do I need to help my family member or what does my child need to make daily caregiving and progress towards independence easier for all of us?

Why Choose Adaptivemall.com?

Adaptivemall.com was founded by a licensed pediatric physical therapist, Katie Bergeron Peglow, who grew up with a sister who has special needs. Katie continues to assist with her sister's care to this day. Katie and the entire Adaptivemall.com family have a deep appreciation for the importance of quality adaptive equipment — in fact, we know it is often the catalyst for greater independence and the key to discovering untapped potential. The best part about shopping with us is that we understand the needs of families and caregivers from experience. We’ll always do our best to ensure that you understand the options that meet your budget and desire for quality, durable, and versatile equipment. Shop with us today!