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All-Terrain Strollers

Go Out and Explore with an All-Terrain Stroller

If you’re determined to provide your child with a life of exploration, adventure, and fun, then you’ll need a special needs off-road stroller from These strollers are different from standard models because they feature rugged, all-terrain wheels and frames with suspension so that they can smoothly and effortlessly glide over grass, sand, gravel, dirt, and other uneven surfaces. Our selection includes the perfect adaptive stroller for your family and your next set of off-road adventures.

No Obstacles: From the Beach to the Trail

Here, you’ll find our all-terrain stroller is also great for travel, especially if you’re headed to amusement parks, national parks, or the beach. Pick up an all-terrain pushchair that’s lightweight and easy to fold down when it’s not in use. This makes it perfect for travel no matter where you’re going.

Explore walking, travel, and jogging strollers for sale in our store to find a style ideal for you. Sizing can be a bit of a challenge with special needs strollers, so make sure to reach out to us with any sizing questions.

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  1. Special Tomato EIO Push Chair
    Special Tomato EIO Push Chair
    Regular Price CA$1,988.48 CA$1,988.48
    Sale Price CA$1,039.43
  2. Special Tomato Jogger (Free Medical Necessity Bag)
    Special Tomato Jogger (Free Medical Necessity Bag)
    Regular Price CA$2,043.83 CA$2,043.83
    Sale Price CA$1,187.93

2 Items

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