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Sorry, We don't accept insurance, but...

Although the cannot bill third party payers such as Medicaid, Medicare, and Private Insurance directly, some insurance companies may reimburse you. Each company is different so we recommend you contact your insurance company first to find out if your policy will allow you to purchase from and submit for reimbursement. We can provide you with an Estimate of the costs and descriptions of the items you need.

  • Contact us at Toll Free 1-800-371-2778 to request an Estimate" that lists item descriptions and prices.

If your insurance company requests it you can:

  • Request a Letter of Medical Necessity" from your Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physician, or other appropriate health professional. This letter documents the medical reason (as it pertains to your child) that a specific type of adaptive equipment is needed.
  • Have your Physician provide you with a written Prescription" that defines the exact adaptive equipment that is being recommended.

Some 3rd Party Payers require more information than what is listed above. If this is the case for you, please note that we are unable to provide any additional information. Therefore, it is important that you contact your 3rd Party Payer to discuss this with them prior to making your purchase!

Many parents and caregivers will do one of the following once the pre-approval process is completed:

  • Purchase the product from the using a credit card or personal check. They later get reimbursed by the third party involved based upon the pre-approval code they received in advance of making their purchase. Orders are processed immediately in this case.
  • Wait to receive a check from the third party and then purchase the equipment needed. Orders will be shipped once the check is received and cleared.
  • Have the third party make the check out directly to, LLC, 15 South Second Street, Dolgeville NY 13329. Orders will be shipped once the money is received and cleared.

PLEASE NOTE: cannot guarantee your insurance company will reimburse you. It is your responsibility to work with your insurance company prior to making a purchase from

If you have any questions, please feel free to either email us at or call us at Toll Free 1-800-371-2778 to reach Customer Service. We are here to help!