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I need to sit and stand in the same product

Sitting, Standing, Transferring… All in One!

Adaptive Equipment is often a part of everyday life for children and adults with special needs. Sometimes the size and number of pieces of equipment can be overwhelming and start to limit storage space and eventually living space. Lots of people with special needs require extra postural support when sitting to achieve a well aligned position. Lots of people with special needs often require extra postural support when standing and use therapeutic standers. What if there was one, highly versatile piece of equipment that did both? There is, and it is brought to you with a full line of products for children and adults by Easy Stand.

Sit-to-Stand Standers are designed to offer support in both seated and standing positions. The person transfers into the stander from a seated position which is generally less effortful for both the user and caregiver. Then the equipment assists with the transition between sitting and standing. Because it’s easier and because this piece of equipment offers both the opportunity to sit and stand, most users can increase the frequency of standing throughout the day. At we have a wide variety of products. We have Sit-to-Stand Standers that can be self-propelled, that have a tray for use in sitting or standing, and that provide for required support in supine (support at back of user) standing as well as upright standing. If the person with special needs that you know has a daily standing program, it is a good idea to check out a Sit-to-Stand Stander.

Sit-to-Stand Standers- Space Saving, Energy Saving and Versatile

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