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Dynamic Seating

What is Dynamic Seating? 

Dynamic Seating is defined as the movement which occurs within the seating system and/ or wheelchair frame in response to intentional or unintentional force generated by the person using the seat. Dynamic components absorb force and return energy to assist the person back to the starting seated position. Movement during sitting can be very beneficial to the health of the body and mind.

Who Benefits from Dynamic Seating?

Dynamic Seating can be beneficial for persons exhibiting forceful, repetitive patterns of movement. These movement patterns may be intentional or unintentional/ voluntary or involuntary. This includes people with dystonic cerebral palsy and autism.

What are the Benefits of Dynamic Seating?

  • Protects the wheelchair user from injury
  • Protects wheelchair and seating hardware from malalignment and breakage
  • Inhibits/diffuses extreme muscle tone and abnormal posturing
  • Increases sitting tolerance and compliance
  • Decreases agitation and fatigue
  • Reduces forceful active full body extension patterns/ extensor thrusting
  • Reduces energy consumption
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